A different type of family medicine

Female doctor comforting senior patient in hospital

A growing number of doctors across the country fed up with the costs of medical care are switching to a model that cuts health insurance out of the equation, and two of those doctors are located in Moscow.

The direct primary care model means the doctor does not participate in insurance plans, and the enrolled patient pays a periodic membership fee rather than paying for every visit. The patient does not have a co-pay, and the membership fee goes directly to the practice instead of a third party.

According to dpcfrontier.com, there are nearly 850 DPC practices in the U.S.

Dr. Emily Todd will open her direct primary care family medicine practice July 23 on 904 S. Jefferson St., with a grand opening on July 25.

Todd said she was inspired to start her own DPC clinic after attending a conference where many doctors discouraged by the standard insurance model spoke of the benefits of direct primary care. Todd said she shared their frustration.

She said the increased overhead costs associated with insurance forces doctors into seeing more patients in a shorter period of time. She anticipates the direct primary care model will change that.

“It lets us focus on more personalized care and longer visits,” she said.

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    Are there any DPC doctors in Spokane, WA?

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