A Virtual Debate



 From CNN to Contentious Nominee Hearings

Michael Koriwchak, MD

The past weeks have seen a contentious health care debate on CNN and an interrogation style HHS nomination process.

Dr. Michael Koriwchak is hosting a special virtual debate and virtual nomination process this week by engaging the tough questions from a doctor’s perspective on the front lines of medicine.


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  1. Doctors perspectives need to be heard every day on Social Media. We are continually disrespected and our plight in trying to care for our patients is not heard. We are suffocating under Federal and 3rd party regulations, decreasing pay , and reporting regulations. More than 50 percent claim burnout. This is a travesty and unprecedented in my 4 decade career and is unacceptable. Now my office needs an authorization for almost everything I want to do. Bring on the free market !!

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