Analysis of AHCA on Lance Roberts Show


BYbfW1hIEAAM83TNational board member, Ori Hampel, M.D. appeared on the Lance Roberts Show to analyze the D4PC Foundation position on the recently passed House version of health care reform (AHCA).

Dr. Hampel explained this was not repeal, but the first of many bills needed to undo the damage done over the decades by government interference in health care.

“Health Care and Health insurance are two separate things. Obamacare took [the insurance based third party model] from expensive to ridiculously expensive.”

“Health care is actually affordable… Under Obamacare, catastrophic insurance plans [combined with innovations like DPC] are not allowed – minimum bronze plans are required.”

Roberts gave Dr. Hampel the time to unpack the problems and succinctly explain the solutions that are possible.  Well worth a listen – a great summary of our principles applied to present events.

Listen HERE.


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