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"Every hospital has a private area where Doctors go to get a cup of coffee and get together to talk amongst themselves to discuss medical and health care matters... This show is a window into the private conversations doctors have that impact your world."

Rise of Online Doctor Ratings

Patients Venting but Few Praising?

Micke KoriwchakYelp has become ubiquitous in rating everything from restaurants to services nationwide.

Online ratings have become a mainstay in modern life, but has it filtered down to patients rating doctors in a useful way?

In the next episode of the Doctor’s Lounge, Dr. Michael Koriwchak tackles the impact of online doctor ratings.  Are patients motivated to praise online, or does it only skew toward reporting when there is a problem?


Health IT Discovers DPC

Interviews from the front lines of care

Jodi CarrollThe on-site interviews with thought leaders from our Direct Primary Care Conference continue with a discussion of Health IT.

As the DPC movement grows and the market for serving the practice model becomes economically viable, the move to create tools servicing the model is maturing.

Chad Savage M.D.Jodi Carroll of and Chad Savage, M.D. a featured speaker on the economics of the DPC practice model, step into the Doctor’s Lounge with Host Mike Koriwchak, M.D., to discuss the success of the free market in developing tools like EMRs that are actually useful in the practice of medicine.


Young Surgeon Reports from Educational Front Lines

Surviving Medical School

Elizabeth WendelElizabeth Wendell is a young physician who had escaped the indoctrination in college and medical school that most individuals in her position have been subjected to.

She steps into the Doctor’s Lounge with host Hal Scherz, M.D. to share her experiences as a young conservative in the education system today.

Bio: Elizabeth Wendel is currently a third-year resident in the Emory Urology Program in Atlanta, Georgia.  She earned an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 2015 and a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University in 2011.

During medical school, Elizabeth Served as co-president of Harvard’s Chapter of the Benjamin Rush Society. She also served on the Board of Directors of the John Warren Surgical Society.

During college, she served as the Stanford Chapter Director, as well as the National President, for the United Students for Veterans’ Health Organization.

Her current research interests include prostate cancer, healthcare disparities, public policy, and veterans’ health.


Building a DPC Practice

Nuts and Bolts Extended

Josh UmbehrOn the heels of the 2017 Direct Primary Care conference, Host Mike Koriwchak takes us even deeper into the nuts and bolts of building a DPC practice with two interviews with trailblazers in Direct Primary Care.

Josh Umbehr founded Atlas MD as a turn key solution for setting up a Direct Primary Care practice offering a primary care EMR and DPC curriculum that guides the physician from startup to practice.

Kim Corba, M.D.Kim Corba, M.D. owns Green Hills Primary Care, but is becoming known in the DPC community for her comprehensive how to guide on practice startup called Manual of Policies and Procedures for Direct Primary Care.


The HIP Nation CEO

Direct Primary Care PLUS
(An Innovation Story)

Will HallDirect Primary Care is a revolutionary return to the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship driving cost down and outcomes up.

Yet, perhaps an Achilles heel to the movement is the patient need for specialty care.

HIP Nation is innovating a solution for patients needing more than primary care while keeping the financial membership model.

Specialties such as cardiology, neurology, gynecology, and so on is provided by this group of like minded physicians and specialists to make medicine accessible to all – outside the insurance model.

Will Hall, CEO of HIP Nation steps into the Doctor’s Lounge to explain the model and offer a path forward that keeps third parties at bay.

About HIP Nation

Healthcare Impact Partners, LLC has designed a new and innovative outpatient healthcare delivery model called Primary Care Plus. We are building an economical healthcare delivery system providing employees of small to medium-sized self-insured companies access to high quality, personalized care at affordable cash-based rates.


Next Gen DPC

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.33.59 AM

Interviews from the 2017 Direct Primary Care Conference

A new young generation of Doctors are rising up and embracing Direct Primary Care.

They cross the demographic and regional spectrum finding success in urban and suburban locales.

Host Dr Mike Koriwchak fired up the microphones at the 2017 Direct Primary Care conference to interview a number of up and coming leaders thriving in their own personally designed DPC practice models.

Dr. Julie Gunther was an early adopter of DPC setting up practice, SparkMD, in southwest Idaho.

Dr.  James Pinckney II founded his DPC practice, Diamond Physicians in Dallas, TX.

Both share their experience in building DPC practices.


DPC Debrief


Two hurricanes did not stop DPC 2017 in Orlando as more than 275 attended our conference to birth and grow direct primary care practices across the country.

Host Hal Sherz, M.D. was a part of the program and will give an insiders debrief of the event that unfolded over three days at the Rosen Centre.

Look for an exploration of new health care plans/opportunities in the final segments of the show.


Repeal and Replace Shambles


Time to Scramble?

  • Obamacare reform is dead in Congress.
  • Cabinet position for HHS is now vacant.
  • Trump has issued 2 controversial executive orders in a desperate attempt to make progress.

KoriwchakWhat now?

The answer may lie in the consequences of the recently passed OTC hearing aid act, – a rare move by Congress to deregulate a small part of health care. What free market solutions may follow?
Find out about this little known positive move and hear the latest on the breaking news coming from the President and his teased forthcoming executive orders.


Lighting a Candle for DPC


Founder of the Wedge Connects Doctors with Patients

TwilaLong time friend Twila Brase, President of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, returns to the Doctor’s Lounge with an array of topics & breaking news to tackle.

Front and center will be analysis of the demise of the Graham-Cassidy legislative attempt to move ObamaCare funding to the States in the form of block grants.

More than just critiquing the state of things, Twila has been pro-active in providing solutions in getting patients the care they need.  She is the founder of the Wedge, a website dedicated to explaining direct primary care and connecting patients to a local doctor.

Her Citizen’s Council will be a sponsor at our upcoming DPC conference and is holding its own 2017 Annual Dinner in Minneapolis October 24 featuring Fox News commentator Pete Hegseth.