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"Every hospital has a private area where Doctors go to get a cup of coffee and get together to talk amongst themselves to discuss medical and health care matters... This show is a window into the private conversations doctors have that impact your world."

New Fed Plans Feature DPC

Dr Gross on HHS Innovations

Just off of testifying before the US Senate Health, Education,Labor, and Pensions Committee, Dr. Lee Gross has published an OP-ED in the Washington Examinerentitled, “Direct primary care can rein in America’s out-of-control healthcare costs”

Dr. Gross joins host Mike Koriwchak to discuss the policy rolling out at the Department of HHS and the reasons behind spiraling health care costs.


Best of: Pre-Occupied with Single Payer Medicine

The Centralized Hell to Befall Us

Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute has been a publishing machine this past quarter, providing editorial after editorial highlighting the failures of socialized medicine around the world.

Pipes, a member of the D4PCF Advisory Board, steps into the Doctor’s Lounge to discuss the catastrophic impact of single payer medicine.

This episode is especially timely as the Kaiser Family Foundation reports the student caucus convinced the AMA to study reversing the long-held position against socialized medicine.


Jam Packed News Hour

Sneak Peek DPC Conference, DC Trip, & The Tech Revolution Continues

Host Mike Koriwchak is preparing an hour of rapid fire news that will impact health care nationwide.

First, a sneak preview of the next DPC conference in Orlando, FL.

Second, a field report on the recent trip to brief policy makers in Washington, DC by Mike and fellow co-host Hal Scherz, M.D.

Third, the innovations in tech continue to impact the future.  Mike reviews the new Apple Watch with its FDA approval for a heart rhythm strip.


Driving Docs Out of Medicine

Regulations Killing Doctors

As Forbes reported more than a year ago:

“In a recent survey, nine out of ten physicians were unwilling to recommend healthcare as a profession. In 2014, the American Medical Association found that 47% of practicing physicians reported high emotional exhaustion, 35% saw less value in their work and 41% were satisfied (not happy, but satisfied) with their work-life balance. The survey went on to identify the three problem areas:

  •  Loss of autonomy (75% now are in hospital-owned practices)
  •  Mental exhaustion (listing heavy workloads and increased clerical work, due to cumbersome electronic medical records)
  •  Asymmetrical rewards (success is expected, but mistakes come with heavy punishments)

And then there is the stress…”

Host Hal Scherz explores the way regulations are creating an environment driving physicians out of health care.


Impact of Ideology

How the Left Hurts Health Care

Ideas have consequences.

The larger impulse to centralize the control and delivery of health care on the surface promises to lower costs and deliver care to everyone – by rule of law.

The reality became a legion of bureaucrats creating a new regulation for every problem under the sun. Costs skyrocketed creating the “big medicine” leviathan of government, insurers, and vast administrative health care delivery systems.

Host Hal Scherz, M.D. explains how the best intentions have morphed into a philosophy whose only answer is controlling doctors and restricting care.


Dr. Gross Doesn’t Go To Washington

The stage was set to take the innovation of DPC (Direct Primary Care) to the halls of the Senate when the wheels came off with the drama of the Kavanaugh nomination hearings.

Testimony on health care innovation has been postponed in the wake of the last minute accusations swirling through Washington.

“One thing that is clear is that Washington only knows brinksmanship.  It is precisely that Washington obstruction mentality that has handcuffed small practice and driven them into near extinction.
Do we want that brinksmanship to be what guides our entire national health care system?  That’s what will happen if we adopt a government controlled single payer health care system.”

– Lee Gross, M.D., President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation.

Dr. Gross steps into The Doctor’s Lounge with host Mike Koriwchak to share some of the testimony he was scheduled to deliver to the Senate committee.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Physician Led Alternatives to the Insurance Market – Expanding HIP Nation

Seventy to eighty percent of health care needs are resolved at the primary level – doctor to patient in the Direct Primary Care practice model.

The perceived Achilles Heel of Direct Primary Care is the need for specialists in more difficult health issues.  Wrap around insurance is there to fill the gap but we are seeing rates go up, as the service is declining.

HIP Nation is the DPC solution for the specialist needs that is working out an innovative health care model around Atlanta.  Seven locations are serving the area with three more opening in the fall.

Host Hal Scherz, M.D. explains how the free market can even work to reduce costs for intractable problems in specialist care.