D4PCF on Hannity National Radio

The National Briefing on Health Care Policy Begins

The frustration over health care policy at the Federal level has moved national radio host Sean Hannity to launch the national discussion with the doctor innovators on the front lines of health care.

Dr. Josh Umbehr and our own Dr. Lee Gross joined Hannity on his national radio show to kick off a regular Tuesday afternoon national briefing on the impact of free market medicine.


D4PC Foundation President Lee Gross, M.D Invited to the White House

The impact of our years of teaching the benefits of protecting the doctor/patient relationship are fully bearing fruit.

Dr. Lee Gross as invited for a surprise visit to the White House to teach the staff and policy makers about the innovations reshaping the delivery of health care at the ground level all across the world.

This is another step in the fulfillment of President Trump’s executive order to HHS and various departments to do a full analysis of the U.S. Health Care System.  The goals include increasing access, lowering costs, and delivering better medical outcomes.

Direct Primary Care continues to come to the foreground as one of the best solutions for providing low cost and high quality care regardless of health insurance.  Dr. Lee Gross, President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, has become the defacto expert in the practice model.

Watch Dr.Gross’s Field Update HERE


Democrat Socialists and Their Single-Payer Healthcare Agenda

There are several irrefutable facts that must be stated together to understand what is happening with healthcare in the US. The first is that the Democratic Party has been split because of the ascension of the Democratic Socialists. Their ideation has significantly influenced the direction of the party as a whole, moving it further left than ever before. The second is that the Democratic Socialists do not like Obamacare any more than those on the right because it is standing in the way of one of their central issues- the creation of a single payer system. The third is that this radical idea is taking hold as part of the Democratic platform and is generating popular support as Obamacare fails and the GOP does nothing to solve this mess.

What was once considered a radical idea and impossible to imagine in any serious discussion about American healthcare, single payer has become very mainstream as a Democrat talking point regarding healthcare. If one doubts this, consider the fact that the Bernie Sanders bill- Medicare for All Act- S1804, has 16 current sponsors, including highly visible names like Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Many of these individuals have been mentioned as presidential candidates for 2020.

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D4PC Foundation Applauds the Expansion of the STLDI

“Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation applauds the release of the HHS rule for expansion of Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance plans (STLDI).  As one of the nation’s leaders in educating Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians, we are frequently confronted with the challenge of finding affordable coverage to wrap-around DPC.  When paired with a Direct Primary Care membership, STLDI will help provide affordable access to routine care along with affordable major medical coverage.  This is precisely the regulatory relief that we have been seeking from the Trump Administration.”


Dr. Umbehr appears on the Hannity Show to Oppose HR 6317

One of the nation’s biggest proponents of the “direct care movement” in the United States stopped by ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ this week, warning those who support co-operative healthcare that a new Senate bill poses a major risk to the low-cost plans.

Dr. Josh Umbehr has spent over a decade launching hundreds of “concierge service” healthcare programs across the country, but new legislation passed days ago creates a threat towards the alternative options.

“There’re now hundreds of these co-ops that he’s developed around the country. Now they’re at risk because of a bill that passed in the Senate,” said Hannity.

“There was a bill that came out of the Ways and Means committee that isn’t great for supporting the direct care movement and patients overall […] We’re hoping to fix it in the Senate, and I think there was a bit of lobbying in the background by more corporate groups,” said Dr. Umbehr

Listen to the Interview and Read Action Points HERE

Background:  Direct Primary Care is the only major medical service offered by doctors you are forbidden to pay for with YOUR Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars.

The IRS in 2014 issued a letter defining DPC as a health plan and disqualified from HSA dollars (like health insurance). HR 365 was a simple piece of legislation designed to fix the problem.

Without debate, the legislation was replaced with HR 6317 in the House Ways and Means Committee and passed out of committee.

OUR original analysis finds the bill creates a regulatory control that is precisely what DPC doctors seek to avoid, undermining the very freedoms that have made the practice model succeed.

Although improved since last reported, this bill creates the regulatory foundation, price fixing, and centralized control that is at the heart of the problems in American health care.

Stay tuned to see how things change in the Senate version.