D4PC Foundation Efforts Leading to Tangible Results


As politicians debate the political prescription for American health care, this past year has shown our strategic investments are reaping tangible results.

Our efforts in Direct Primary Care (DPC) have trained hundreds of doctors to deliver low cost, high-quality care directly to patients outside of the insurance system.

Our physician speakers are doing more than presenting to the true believers, but testifying before politicians and policymakers to permanently protect the DPC practice model state by state.

The effort to repeal the remaining Certificate of Need (CON) laws in states around the country is crucial to expanding the delivery of actual health care to patients nationwide.  CON laws prevent specialties and medical providers from opening new facilities without securing a certificate, often through the very people with which the new business would compete.

Our 2017 CON conference in Washington trained policymakers, legislators, and advocates to push for legislative changes in 2018.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Even though the road to repeal and replace ObamaCare is stalled at the federal level, the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation is building the systems to deliver care to patients in spite of government roadblocks.

As the year comes to a close, consider supporting the cause. Fuel in the tank is needed to keep these projects moving forward.

We are getting results.

We are birthing a new generation of doctors in DPC that will shape the delivery of health care for decades to come.

We are unleashing free market solutions birthed out of the minds of those on the front lines of medicine.

Join us in shaping the future.

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