D4PC Foundation President Lee Gross, M.D Invited to the White House

The impact of our years of teaching the benefits of protecting the doctor/patient relationship are fully bearing fruit.

Dr. Lee Gross as invited for a surprise visit to the White House to teach the staff and policy makers about the innovations reshaping the delivery of health care at the ground level all across the world.

This is another step in the fulfillment of President Trump’s executive order to HHS and various departments to do a full analysis of the U.S. Health Care System.  The goals include increasing access, lowering costs, and delivering better medical outcomes.

Direct Primary Care continues to come to the foreground as one of the best solutions for providing low cost and high quality care regardless of health insurance.  Dr. Lee Gross, President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, has become the defacto expert in the practice model.

Watch Dr.Gross’s Field Update HERE

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  1. Miguel Martinez

    I heard about your organization from a radio show. It talked mostly about reduced prices for prescription drugs. Do you also have a plan for wellness visits or other medical needs? How do I get more information about all of the services that you offer?

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