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The National Briefing on Health Care Policy Begins

The frustration over health care policy at the Federal level has moved national radio host Sean Hannity to launch the national discussion with the doctor innovators on the front lines of health care.

Dr. Josh Umbehr and our own Dr. Lee Gross joined Hannity on his national radio show to kick off a regular Tuesday afternoon national briefing on the impact of free market medicine.


  1. Paul C

    Brilliant. I have been following this movement for several years, and have balked because for example in pediatrics, how do you implement vaccines which are astoundingly expensive to provide, especially for a solo doctor who has no realistic ability to negotiate prices. Also, how do we shift the mindset of patients who WANT their insurance to be used since they’re paying so much $ for the premiums? The idea of bypassing the commercial payors should be very appealing to doctors who are, by and large forced to do this dance where we have to become nuanced experts in coding to ensure capturing maximum payment for given services.

  2. I believe that such narrow view on healthcare, as Dr. Gross displayed here, is exactly what hurts us all. The medical has world lost control over healthcare and what they have now to offer are only solutions than would benefit them personally and would work for cheap and simple office visits, which perhaps represents about 5% of population’s healthcare needs and costs. No one can, in capitalism, both lower the prices and increase profits to all-that is illogical.

    The truth is that independent physicians have invented a third tier cost – an additional and useless cost, one in which besides insurance cost and out of pocket the patients now have to pay a retainer fee, which is not cheap. And once primary care physicians no longer can satisfy patients’ needs for complex medical illnesses, and expensive treatments, they no longer care; the patients are then on their own, are falling back on insurances, and continue the scam of irascible costs, and fabulous profits, which do go in private pockets, even when medical facilities have financial difficulties are subsidized by us all.

    Concierge/retainers excludes all the ill and the dying who cannot afford such cost of thousands of dollars a year, which is about 50% of Americans – a discussion which Dr. Gross and all those like him avoid like the plague.

    Since there are very few independent PCP’s left, this coercion patients suffer should be made illegal. Most physicians who are in concierge (and similar settings) by contract cannot see patients who are not on a retainer. Is that what healthcare should be about?

    Do not believe for a second that private offices and physicians have the patient’ best interests at heart. Like any other business, physicians too only want to maximize their own profits no mater who lives or dies.

    By the way, Glumetza for diabetes ($10,000 a month for 60 pills), for example, cannot be purchased cheaper by individuals. The US healthcare system is designed on price and profit, not on health or benefit.

    We have what we asked for – high volume of transactions, state sponsored racketeering, networks-limited uncompetitive service, and loss of choice.

    Of course that some physicians feel left out, and want more money, and thus ask for solutions to benefit themselves while trying to transfer some perceived benefit to the society, which benefit is so limited in scope and practice that creates more healthcare disparity and disservice to our nation than one would care to admit.

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