Disrupting Health Care


DPC transforming the landscape

Brian Hill, M.D.Direct Primary Care is gaining popularity across America- both with primary care doctors and patients. Over 4400 doctors are participating in some type of DPC practice.

This model which takes insurance out of the primary care space, gives doctors more flexibility in caring for their patients. By limiting the number of patients in their practice, they can spend more time with their patients, see them more often if needed, and concentrate on keeping them healthier.

This model actually costs patients less than the  traditional insurance based 3rd party payment system. DPC is a good start in bending down the healthcare cost curve and putting more control of healthcare decisions back where it belongs- in the hands of patients with the good counsel of their doctors. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dr. Brian Hill joins me in the Doctor’s Lounge to explain the scope of the problem and share the solutions that he thinks are necessary to disrupt and transform healthcare.

Hill is a full time practicing urologist and has been an activist in healthcare reform for over a decade. Along with two other Docs 4 Patient Care doctors (Hal Scherz & Jeffrey English), he has created a healthcare delivery model called HIP-Nation. As the President & Medical Director, he has used the DPC concept as the foundation for a broader healthcare ecosystem which includes specialists, ancillary services, and technology. This may be the next step in the transformation of the American healthcare system. He will describe this concept and share his thoughts about where we are failing and where we need to go.


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