Doctors Disappointed After CNN Cruz / Sander Debate


The Health Care Debate is Over and the One Group Ignored – Doctors #Disappointed

Dr. Mike Koriwchak was ready in the front row to engage with a question he was never able to ask:

“I’m Dr. Mike Koriwchak, an ear, nose and throat surgeon from Atlanta.

One of the biggest frustrations physicians face is the paperwork and regulatory burden associated with patient care.  The situation has become so dire that for every hour we spend face-to-face with patients, we must spend 2 hours on paperwork and compliance with regulations  In a world where cost and access are the biggest shortcomings we face in health care, this creates unacceptable levels of inefficiency.

So, Senator Sanders, my question is:  How do we reduce the regulatory and paperwork burden so my colleagues and I can be doctors again?”

The people serving on the front lines of American medicine had no voice in tonight’s debate as answers went long and time drew short.  A doctor’s perspective is key because health care truly begins when the physician begins the exam – not when politicians pick a policy.




  1. Carol Waltman

    Dr. Koriwchak’s question goes to the heart of the health care issue. The fact that he never got to ask it says much about the mindset of the producers at CNN.

  2. John Chamberlain

    Carol, you are spot on with your comment. It is indeed unfortunate that there was no opportunity for physician input. Very disappointing.

  3. Do physicians get to have a say in their own profession? As far as much of the press is concerned, we don’t seem to get that say unless we have the same agenda as the press. Where is the objectivity? I was glad to see many patients ask questions in the debate… that is important. But to not have one physician ask a question tells America that the doctors in the trenches are being shusshed up. Maybe we know too much!

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