Doctors Respond to Pre-existing Confusion WSJ Op-Ed

“The entirety of the healthcare debate has been defined by the left using their terms- pre-existing conditions being one of them. Everyone who has seen a doctor has a pre-existing condition. What needs to happen is to make sure that insurance companies cannot deny someone the ability to get health insurance based on their health status. The other thing is to make sure that there is some type of safety net so that a medical condition can get treated without creating an individual financial crisis. How we get there is going to require much more than telling  insurance companies, which are publicly traded corporations, how they  must operate their businesses. At some point, the chains must be taken off of the free market and allow it to operate.” – Hal Scherz MD, FACS, FAAP and Founder of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation.

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  1. John Chamberlain

    Hal, you are spot on, sir! A return to patient-centered care as the hallmark of American medicine can only be accomplished via the free market approach. The shackles of MACRA, MIPS, PQRS, EHRs and all the other alphabet soup must be removed, especially for Primary Care.

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