Doctors Wish List for Health Care Reform


The Issue:  Health care costs too much.  

It should not be this way because true cost is typically far less than current charges. 

The Reason:  There is no price transparency, so patients are disconnected from costs.

Healthcare is inexpensive to deliver. It is everything that gets between the patient and the doctor that drives up costs – the hospital, the lack of competition, the red tape that doctors have to deal with that increases their overhead and takes them away from their patients, the high cost of drugs, defensive medicine, the “handcuffs” placed on doctors which prevents them from innovating and creating value. 

The current trend has driven doctors out of business. Almost 65% now work for hospitals. Over 15% of medical school graduates will not see a patient in their career. Doctors are burning out and retiring much earlier than ever before. Private practice of medicine is in grave danger.

What can be done to help patients and doctors and to drive down costs?

1. Enforce & strengthen the Primary Care Enhancement Act – uncouple HSAs from insurance so patients can use it for Direct Primary Care. Clarify DPC as a delivery model and not a risk bearing entity

2. Remove anti-physician provisions from ACA (surgery centers, ACOs, IPAB)

3. Relax/repeal Stark laws

4. Fix the Medicare payment system which reimburses hospitals more for services than those delivered outside of the hospital

5. Repeal MACRA

6. Repeal HITECH – these 2 laws have created unnecessary and burdensome regulation and red tape that are putting doctors out of business

7. Promote charity care with tax incentives to providers

8. Protect doctors and patients from having to participate in treatments that violates their conscience

State level issues critical to the overall goals

9. Protect doctors from predatory specialty societies who have colluded with hospitals and insurance companies and force them to pay money to “maintain their certification” (MOC) as conditions to work treating patients

10. Repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws to foster competition/innovation

11. Meaningful Tort Reform which would put an end to “defensive medicine”


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