Dr. Umbehr appears on the Hannity Show to Oppose HR 6317

One of the nation’s biggest proponents of the “direct care movement” in the United States stopped by ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ this week, warning those who support co-operative healthcare that a new Senate bill poses a major risk to the low-cost plans.

Dr. Josh Umbehr has spent over a decade launching hundreds of “concierge service” healthcare programs across the country, but new legislation passed days ago creates a threat towards the alternative options.

“There’re now hundreds of these co-ops that he’s developed around the country. Now they’re at risk because of a bill that passed in the Senate,” said Hannity.

“There was a bill that came out of the Ways and Means committee that isn’t great for supporting the direct care movement and patients overall […] We’re hoping to fix it in the Senate, and I think there was a bit of lobbying in the background by more corporate groups,” said Dr. Umbehr

Listen to the Interview and Read Action Points HERE

Background:  Direct Primary Care is the only major medical service offered by doctors you are forbidden to pay for with YOUR Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars.

The IRS in 2014 issued a letter defining DPC as a health plan and disqualified from HSA dollars (like health insurance). HR 365 was a simple piece of legislation designed to fix the problem.

Without debate, the legislation was replaced with HR 6317 in the House Ways and Means Committee and passed out of committee.

OUR original analysis finds the bill creates a regulatory control that is precisely what DPC doctors seek to avoid, undermining the very freedoms that have made the practice model succeed.

Although improved since last reported, this bill creates the regulatory foundation, price fixing, and centralized control that is at the heart of the problems in American health care.

Stay tuned to see how things change in the Senate version.

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    “Dr. Josh Umbehr has spent over a decade launching hundreds of “concierge service” healthcare programs across the country”


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