Free Market on the March


The Solutions to Health Care Grow Outside of Government Interference

By Dr. Lee Gross


In free, competitive markets, solutions to daunting problems are solved by innovators.

One of the major things missing in Direct Primary Care is insurance wrapping around the practice model.  While Primary Care covers 70-80% of medical needs for patients, finding insurance that covers catastrophic care while not duplicating costs for primary care services was difficult for this innovative practice model.

Our President’s practice, Epiphany Health, has developed a solution in the crucible of the free market.  Their local practice, partnering with an insurance provider, has developed a level-funded major medical plan for hospitalization.

The job for legislators is to 1) protect the DPC practice model from insurance regulators and 2) allow insurance carriers the flexibility to quickly respond to market innovations and join the fight to provide more than coverage, but care.

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