GA Gov. Deal signs MOC bill into law


On May 8, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill into law that will prevent the state’s Medical Practice Act from being used to require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as a condition of licensure or to require MOC to be employed by a state medical facility or for the purposes of licensure, insurance panels, or malpractice insurance.

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Discover more about MOC from Dr. Meg Edison who touched off a firestorm in late 2015 when she decided she had had enough of MOC.

Edison exposed MOC (maintenance of certification) for ABP (American Board of Pediatrics) as a large scale money making scheme that allowed its leaders a laundry list of luxuries while costing struggling pediatricians thousands in direct fees, testing, and office based self-reporting. She joined us on the Doctor’s Lounge this past April to discuss it in detail.



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