Maintenance of Certification


Freedom Caucus Vindicated as Republican Leadership Pledges Repeal & Replace

Med Edison, M.D.Dr. Meg Edison touched off a firestorm in late 2015 when she decided she had had enough of MOC.

Edison exposed MOC (maintenance of certification) for ABP (American Board of Pediatrics) as a large scale money making scheme that allowed its leaders a laundry list of luxuries while costing struggling pediatricians thousands in direct fees, testing, and office based self reporting.

Edison published her reasons and ignited a groundswell of support from like minded doctors.  The ensuing outrage has even risen to a general vote by the AMA to (in part) reject MOC requirements for practicing physicians.

Meg steps into the Doctor’s Lounge with host Michael Koriwchak, M.D. to update us on the battle over MOC taking place in states around the country.


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