New DPC Manual Released

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Author to Speak at Direct Primary Care Conference

A new tool for DPC startups, Manual of Policies and Procedures for Direct Primary Care, developed by Kimberly Legg Corba, DO in conjunction with health care attorney Dennis Hursh, is an exhaustive chapter by chapter guide to starting and operating a direct primary care practice.

Green Hills Direct – Direct Family Care

The editable documents in this manual help doctors who are choosing to open a Direct Primary Care office worry less about policies and procedures. It is designed to give physicians who choose the DPC model more time with their patients while they continue to grow their practices.

Look for Dr. Corba to speak in our break out session on Saturday morning on the DPC movement, regulatory challenges, and growth strategies.

Dr. Corba is the owner of Green Hills Direct Family Care, a Direct Primary Care family practice in Pennsylvania.

Learn more HERE.

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  1. Ashley

    How applicable is this manual to specialties such as dermatology?

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