Study: JAMA – Gov. Insured Patients Get “Persistently Inferior” Outcomes

Reconstructive Microsurgery

Comparing cancer survival outcomes in over 1.1 million patients over nearly two decades shows “substantial and persistent disparities in survival for patients with either no or other public insurance compared with private insurance for all 5 of the cancer sites examined.”

Especially interesting is the conclusion that beyond the better care expected by private insurance over government provided care was the fact that the disparity got worst over time.

A key point from the Abstract noted: “Survival disparities for uninsured or other publicly insured patients with prostate, lung, or colorectal cancer increased significantly over time”.

Of course, the conclusions focused on “access to health insurance” whereas Docs 4 Patient Foundation believes that access to care is not the issue. It’s the cost of care that impacts so many patients, which is why we believe that the subscription model offered by Direct Primary Care would benefit so many.

Read the Study HERE

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