Thomas Jefferson Institute Handbook on Healthcare (2017)

This Handbook on Healthcare Reform is an effort by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy to bring ideas to the table for discussion and legislative debate in order to highlight areas where Virginia and other states can take action to reduce costs, increase availability and thus broaden the number of people who can better afford, thanks to the reforms outlined in this Handbook, to see a doctor.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute worked closely with Dr. Hal Scherz of Atlanta to create this special Handbook on Healthcare Reform. We wanted to bring together the ideas of doctors and other experts in the field of Healthcare on how healthcare can be reasonably reformed so that a better system is the result.

Dr. Scherz reached out to colleagues around the country to write essays on specific areas of healthcare that they felt should be reformed in order to better serve their patients. These doctors work within the current web of regulations and they provide innovative ideas on creating a less bureaucratic system that can improve the overall healthcare delivery system. And we found a few essays from academic healthcare experts to add ideas to this Handbook.

As the founder of “Docs 4 Patient Care,” Dr. Hal Scherz has a deep interest in how healthcare can be improved for all of us and he spent a good deal of time in helping us put this Handbook together. He is well-respected urologist and is deeply interested in improving the healthcare system in this country. We deeply appreciate his time and effort in this project. 5

This Handbook on Healthcare Reform brings ideas to the table for public debate and discussion. It is not an effort to support specific legislation, although it is hoped that the ideas presented herein will become public policy as is the case with Direct Primary Care (DPC) that became state policy earlier this year when Governor Terry McAuliffe signed the legislation into law. This DPC law will allow those in underserved areas to gain better healthcare access if it works as it has in other states. We are proud to have had a small role in putting some of the early pieces together which ultimately resulted in this new law here in Virginia.

Download it here.

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  1. Jacob Rickoll

    I love this! Thanks for all of your efforts. I did notice that pages 62-63 had some redundant paragraphs. It was probably just a copy/paste error.
    As a future nurse practitioner, I hope that a dialogue begins to show where NP’s fit into your recommended models. Again, please keep up the great work!

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