What I Learned About Medicare for All While on Vacation

Many millennials continue to support socialist policies, including Medicare for All, demonstrating their willingness to ignore history and the world around them. I suspect many millennials couldn’t even find Venezuela on a map, never mind explain why the country’s economy has collapsed into chaos.

However, recently I stumbled on a story that might make sense to many young Americans, and it involves one of their favorite annual events: spring break.

For my daughter’s senior year spring break trip, the group of students chose to go to an “all-inclusive” resort. The deal they purchased boasted all-you-can-eat dining and drinking, including alcohol. At first, it sounded like a great deal, but the feeling didn’t last long.

After we arrived, we discovered that despite the fact there were many dining facilities, only two served breakfast. At the buffet, I couldn’t even manage to chisel the French toast off the bottom of the serving pan — it had clearly been there for several days. At the coffee shop, a nice lady was glad to push the buttons on the espresso machine for visitors and hand them a still-frozen donut. We were happy to see her every morning, but we could have pushed the buttons and picked up the donuts ourselves.

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