Why Do Americans Settle for Our Broken Health Care System?

It is no secret the U.S. health care system is badly broken. From the lack of transparency and inflated billing to a looming physician shortage, everyone suffers.

In recent years, significant resources and attention have been dedicated to researching and discussing various perceived problems in the current system, and the list of flaws is seemingly endless. For starters, it is next to impossible for many sick patients to set an appointment with a primary care provider within 24­–48 hours. (That’s why there’s now a whole industry of walk-in clinics that has emerged in recent years.) And when primary care office visits finally do occur, often after a few weeks of waiting, they usually last under 10 minutes. The hurried physicians hosting such visits are typically so busy that they don’t even have time to maintain eye contact, because they have to enter mountains of data into their electronic heath records database.

Many patients are allowed only one complaint per visit, and having no time, primary care physicians often can do little more than generate a referral to some other highly-paid medical specialist, which forces patients to spend yet another day waiting around a doctor’s office—after weeks or months of waiting for another appointment.

And let’s not forget about insurance. Despite billions of dollars spent by governments, it remains terribly expensive. Deductibles and premiums combined cost millions of families at least as much as a second mortgage or rent payment would.


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